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Testimonial Nancy Ridill

November 2007

Dear Evner:

Your renovation of my kitchen has been a positive, productive, and enjoyable experience from our initial meeting. At that hour long Saturday meeting you detailed what needed to be done and how you would do it. You assured us that you could do the job within budget and gave me an estimate the next work day.

Throughout the project I have been impressed with your respectful, professional relationship with your crew. You set high standards and they are skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work. They are neat workers, always cleaning up at the end of the day. They are independent, undemanding, and unobtrusive; I was completely comfortable having them at work in my house. And your coordination with Geni Lopes at Boston Kitchen has been very helpful to me.

You yourself have been terrific, You have been completely accessible and have gone out of your way to keep me up to date, making sure I was fine with each development. You have been patient with my slow decision making and responsive to my one quick decision – skylights. Although this addition meant a change in work schedule, you met after hours to discuss it, and gave me an estimate the next morning. When the installation of the skylights required architectual changes, you skillfully accornodated them. And when I could not decide which tone of paint I wanted, you suggested a way to use both which produced a dramatic effect Your refreshing sense of humor has been a great bonus in working with you.

While this renovation was a relatively small project, you and your crew always were enthusiastic. I appreciate both your encouragement and fine work; I will enjoy my kitchen. tremendously.

Nancy Ridill

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